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Have you worked abroad?Have you worked in Austria?
Babysitters and Self-employed persons

For income from employment, brigades and self-employed persons

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Tax refunds from abroad

Who is the tax refund from abroad intended for?

The tax overpayment is determined

  • You had an income from abroad and you need to file a tax return abroad
  • You worked abroad for part of the year and paid taxes there, and now you want to refund or return them
  • For nannies working for a trade and exceeding the minimum non-taxable income abroad
  • You work abroad and need to settle a tax bonus or social benefits
Tax returns online

You handle everything from the comfort of your home

There is no need to worry about income from abroad

It is really easy. Just fill out our form to prepare a tax return from income from abroad and we will take care of everything.
In addition, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone, where we will be happy to explain how tax refunds from abroad work.
Your taxes will be taken care of by a real accountant, which, unlike applications that fail to advise you on how to maximize your foreign income tax refund, or fail to check the accuracy of your information.
Tax returns online

We will send the foreign tax return electronically

Now you really don’t have to go anywhere and you can handle everything online.
Just contact us and we will take care of everything and you can pursue your hobbies or work.
Returning income taxes from abroad has never been so easy.

Price for drafting and filing a tax return

CZK1 799
Abroad Tax Office
Tax return
  • For employees, temporary workers who had income from abroad
  • You can file a tax return with the foreign tax office
Abroad Tax Office
Sending a tax return
  • We will take care of everything for you and you are just waiting for your taxes to be refunded.
CZK1 199
A tax refund
Family allowances for children
  • Do you have children and want to claim family allowances for children? Then this service is suitable for you

Frequently asked questions

1. For whom is the service of tax refunds from abroad intended.

The service is intended for all natural persons who need to file a tax return with a foreign tax office. These are mainly employees who worked abroad during the year and need to file a tax return abroad, or it pays to claim a tax refund via a tax return. A special category are nannies and self-employed persons who have exceeded the minimum non-taxable part and must file a tax return abroad.

2. What I need to return foreign income taxes

To return income taxes from abroad, all you have to do is fill in the online form, where you answer questions in individual steps and state your income from abroad. In the form you also have the option to upload your receipt if you do not dare to fill out the form.

3. I have from it or filling out the correct form for income tax refunds from abroad.

In this case, we will be happy if you contact us by phone and we will be happy to explain the exact steps and all the necessary documents that we will require from you for a successful refund of taxes from abroad. The advantage is free advice on your life situation, during which we will explain how best to optimize taxes from abroad.

4. I am a nanny for a trade and I need to file a tax return abroad

Most nannies abroad work on a trade and sometimes it happens that their income from abroad exceeds the minimum amount. In this case, they are required to file a tax return in a foreign state. Feel free to contact us in this case.

5. When is it worthwhile for me to claim a foreign tax refund?

It is usually worthwhile to apply for a tax refund from abroad, but especially if you have not worked a whole year abroad and you have not exceeded the non-taxable part. These are mainly seasonal employees, part-time workers.

6. I am a self-employed person and I work for a foreign trade. I still have to file a tax return

If your income has exceeded the minimum income limit for filing a tax return abroad, you are obliged to file a tax return abroad as well. If you work abroad for a trade and need help with your tax return, we will be happy if you contact us.

7. I work abroad, I am entitled to a tax bonus or family allowances

If you have income from abroad, you are most likely entitled to a tax bonus or family allowances. Each case is individual and therefore the best way is to contact us.

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