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Have you worked abroad?Ask for
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Have you worked abroad?Have you worked in Slovakia?
Babysitters and Self-employed persons

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Tax refunds from Slovakia

For income from employment, brigades and self-employed persons

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Type A

Employment in the Slovak Republic
  • Have you worked this year and need to file a tax return?
  • You had income from multiple jobs or brigades
  • Easy to apply tax bonus and other deductibles
  • We can send you the tax return electronically
  • Experience with more than 1000 prepared tax returns, all online - see reviews
  • If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone, we will be happy to advise you

Type B

  • Are you a self-employed person, a lawyer, an intermediary (+ others) and do you need to file a tax return?
  • You rented an apartment, you sold a property
  • You are a nanny or you have personal assistance income
  • Income from capital assets and virtual currency
  • Possibility of electronic filing of tax returns
  • More than 1000 online tax returns

Type A + Type B

  • You have worked as an employee in the countries of England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czechia and others, so you are obliged to file a tax return in the Czech Republic (type A)
  • You worked as a nanny in Austria (type B)
  • We will take care of your tax return for you. Just fill out the online form or contact us by email.
Tax refunds from Slovakia

Who is the tax refund intended for?

  • To a large extent, these are employees who have worked in Slovakia and have not worked all year and are entitled to a tax refund
  • If you worked for two or more employers at the same time, you are most likely entitled to a tax refund from Slovakia
  • In some cases, the Slovak tax office will ask you to file a tax return, in which case you can contact us
  • You don’t have to worry about the Slovak tax return, we will handle all the necessary actions for you, completely online

Tax refunds from SlovakiaTips and advice on taxes in Slovakia
Fast, easy and most importantly online

Simply send us all the necessary information about the tax return via the online form or by e-mail.
The tax return is prepared by a real accountant, unlike online applications, which cannot advise you or check the correctness of the data entered and ensure the correct preparation of the tax return.
More than 1,000 prepared tax returns, all online without the need to go anywhere. If you wish, we will also send you the tax return electronically and you will avoid visiting the tax office.

Electronic filing of documents

Electronic filing of deferral and other documents. Among other things, we will monitor your communication and forward the documents you receive electronically. You don’t have to waste time installing signing certificates and applications. All tax returns are checked via forms issued by the financial administration, so we guarantee the correct completion of the tax return.


Frequently asked questions

1. What I need to file a tax return online

To prepare a tax return, just fill out our online form, where you answer questions step by step and fill in income information. Of course, you have the option to upload income data.

2. I am not an expert in tax returns and I am worried about filling in the form correctly.

In this case, you have the opportunity to contact us by phone, where the exact procedure and entry of all necessary documents will be explained to you. The advantage is also a free consultation of your life situation, where we will advise you on how best to optimize your taxes.

3. I am a self-employed person and I need to file a tax return electronically

We will file the tax return for you electronically, all you have to do is authorize us and we will take care of everything for you.

4. How does electronic communication and document sending work?

After successful authorization, we will be able to send you a tax return online directly to the financial administration. Among other things, we can send other documents such as a tax return deferral, or a request for a statement of account for the purposes of the bank or other authorities. In addition, we monitor the message box and when you receive a document from the financial report, we will forward it to you. This service will be appreciated mainly by sole proprietors and non-computer experts.

5. For whom the online tax return preparation service is intended.

The service is intended for all natural persons who need to send a tax return. These are mainly employees who had more income during the year and the employer is unable to prepare a tax return for them. Furthermore, these are self-employed persons who use tax records or flat-rate expenses. Then babysitters and personal assistants who take care of the elderly. A popular category are clients working abroad.

6. I am a self-employed person, how to state income and expenses

In the tax return, self-employed persons take into account only the actual income. This is realistically achieved. Even if he issued an invoice and it was not paid, then this invoice is not considered as income. Conversely, if a self-employed person received income in 2020 for an invoice issued in 2019, it is considered income. Paid health and social insurance is also taken into account. Only actual contributions paid in the given period.

7. I work abroad, am I obliged to file a tax return anyway?

The basis is to obtain over 2,207.10, even from sources abroad for all Czech persons or persons residing there. The second condition discussed is tax residence. This is determined by vital interests. Life interests are most often family, friends or social ties and permanent residence. An excellent example is when I work abroad, but I still come home because I have a wife, children and I am only here for work. The second case is that I work abroad, but I also have a wife there, the children go to school abroad and in Slovakia I just go to see my family to visit. In the second case, you are not a resident of Slovakia and you are not obliged to file a tax return. But many people do it for informational purposes like future documenting years spent through tax returns.

8. I work abroad, am I entitled to a tax bonus?

Yes, if you are a resident or a taxpayer in Slovakia. See previous example above. You can even receive a tax bonus abroad and in Slovakia.

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