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Electronic filing of tax returns in SlovakiaElectronic filing of tax returns in Slovakia

28. December 2021

How to easily file an electronic tax return

In this section, we will show you how to easily send (submit) your completed tax return to the financial administration using electronic communication.
  • After preparing the tax return, we sent you, in addition to the PDF form, also an electronic version for filing a tax return, the so-called “XML” the file
  • With it, you can easily import, enter your completed tax return in the electronic form, without having to write something out.

You must first log in before filing your tax return electronically

We assume that you have successfully completed the registration and that you can now file your tax return electronically. You must first log in on the Financial Report page. There is a simple guide on how to log in to the financial administration portal. More information, tips and instructions regarding electronic communication and filing a tax return can be found in the manuals and instructions section here.

The last step – electronic filing of tax returns

In the catalogs section, select the Catalog of forms. Subsequently, a new window will open with a number of electronic forms. We are only interested in Personal Income Tax. We will choose between form A or B as needed. Self-employed persons will use form B as usual.
We will choose only the right year and click on the picture of the notebook. Subsequently, a document will open with a tax return, which we should fill out.

For us, only the yellow buttons are the most important. In the first step, we click on load from file. We will select the XML file we sent you for your tax return. In the second step, you will insert your attachments if necessary, such as the child’s birth certificate or proof of taxable income from employment. We will check the form (it should be without errors). In the last step, we will sign the form with KEP and submit the signed document – click to submit signed by KEP. For easier understanding, watch the instructional video on how to easily file a tax return electronically.